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Did you know that it costs seven times more to get a new customer than to keep one?  You spend a lot of time and energy getting new customers, but how much effort are you spending on keeping them? Customer retention is a critical component in the success or failure of a business.  One way to improve customer retention and create a “stickier” relationship, while increasing revenue, is by selling more to your existing customers.  In fact, the more services your customer buys from you, the stickier the relationship.

In our 20-plus years in the audio branding and marketing industry, business owners and managers have shared their frustration that employees are not cross-selling or promoting other services, even after providing incentives to do so.


Let’s face it, not everyone has the personality of a salesperson.  Most people feel uncomfortable selling.  In fact, a very small percentage of the population have those skills or personality traits.  Even the owner/managers aren’t cross-selling as much as they would like it to be done.  Why?  Most times it’s because they are focused on assisting the customer.  What if there were a way to tell every caller about a product/service you want them to know about? 


Now there is ... it’s called Queue Marketing… from EnRich Strategies, Inc..

Why the name Queue Marketing? 

Remember the last time you went to the grocery store?  On the right side of the checkout aisle is candy; on the left, magazines.  The checkout lane is some of the most valuable real estate in the store because that’s where they increase the average ticket with impulse buys.  When a customer or prospect calls you, before the phone rings in your business, they are in the same “queue” and are already in a buying frame of mind.  It’s the perfect opportunity to play a 15-second message about another product/service or, simply, why your company is the better choice. 


  • Restaurants:  Promote appetizers/desserts, Happy Hour, Sunday brunch, live entertainment, catering

  • Distributors:  Promote inventory that’s not moving, introduce new products

  • Retail:  Offer specials, upcoming guest speakers, remind them that financing is available

  • Service businesses:  Prompt inquiries about a product/service with the goal of booking a free consultation

Queue Marketing clients are getting incredible results because every caller hears the message with the option to bypass it if they prefer. 


Call 800-599-8119 to see if Queue Marketing is a good fit for your business!



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