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Enrich Strategies has a very creative crew, and creating the audio backdrop for videos and web pages is part of what we can do for you!

We do the professional voice-overs and music for your videos and web pages. We make your video exciting!

We can even do the videos! 

Add a funny clip, a short skit or impersonation!

Examples include Facebook and social media commercial videos.

Perhaps it's an in-store video for a commercial or instruction or a trade show video.

Maybe the audio for the video of a walk-through tour for an art or history museum. Audio for tours is another example of how we might help an organization.

Perhaps you want to be a YouTuber and would like creative content such as impersonations or different voices!

If you change voices during the video you can increase the attention span of the viewer, which translates to increased viewing time, which increases search engine ranking on a video or web page.

A professional with the right voice and tone can do a better job with a video's perception.

In general, if you include video you can increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization, such as Google page ranking).

The longer viewers are on your page the higher your ranking.

How about a voice-over for your video in a different language for your audience, either to replace a voice or add to the message? 

One example would be a job orientation or safety video dubbed in another language.

Perhaps a voice-over for a co-sponsor to help pay for the video creation?

Enrich Strategies produces professionally produced recordings of all types!

Listen here!



Our On-Hold Technologies site has many recordings for the on-hold message industry and those recordings give a great idea of our many capabilities.

Please see our Samples page at On-Hold Technologies for examples of what we can do!

Go to our Voices page at On-Hold Technologies for examples of our voice talent and other language recordings!

Go to our Music page at On-Hold Technologies for examples of our background music!

Call 800-599-8119 to see if public address messages by Enrich Strategies, Inc. are a good fit for your business!

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