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Audio speaker for storecasting overhead music and messages for in-store purchasing


Overhead music is a vital part of your company’s brand.  It sets the right ambiance for restaurants and bars, and studies show that the right choice of overhead music can create a pleasing environment in a retail store.  The more enjoyable the environment, the longer customers want to stay in the store … and the longer they stay in the store, the more they buy. 

So why choose Enrich Strategies?  Because we have partnered with one of the largest music providers in the world…Playnetwork. 


In fact, their footprint reaches to over 120 countries, in global brands we all know.   Why is that important to you?  They have music licensing agreements with nearly every major label, so you have more variety and a far less chance of hearing the same songs over and over.  

  • Every genre you can imagine 

  • Choose from numerous preprogrammed channels

  • Can choose your own channel of multiple genres blended together

  • We can even create a custom channel for your brand

  • Can give choice of channel selection to employees or lock them out

  • If you prefer, you can remotely control the music choices… ideal for multi-location sites

  • Music is prescreened – songs with offensive lyrics have been removed

  • Ability to delete specific songs you don’t like

  • Mobile app is now available!


Why not just play the radio or buy songs off the internet?  Transmitting music through a telephone’s “hold” feature or overhead in a business requires a license.

In accordance with the United States Copyright Law, ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) are empowered to collect annual fees from companies that use a radio station to entertain customers.  According to the law, owners of copyrighted songs are entitled to royalties from the use of their works if played for commercial purposes.  The fine per song infringement ranges from $250 to $50,000.  The law is firmly upheld by the 1976 Copyright Act.

Pretend for a moment you got together with your friends, started a band and created a song.  One day, you’re watching TV and a commercial comes on that has your song in it.  You’d probably want paid, right?  That’s how the composers, authors and publishers feel when they hear a business using their music.  ASCAP and BMI use mystery shoppers to call businesses and visit lobbies and storefronts.  So it’s very important to use licensed music.  In fact, you can’t just select a consumer version of a satellite music provider…you actually have to get the business version to ensure you’re covered.   Many businesses are not aware…until they get an astronomical fine.  

So let Playnetwork’s team of programmers do all the work…they will select the songs that are appropriate for each genre…so you get the best music for your brand at a price that’s surprisingly affordable.

Just a few of Playnetwork’s clients:

  • Starbucks

  • Marriott    

  • Panera Bread    

  • Starwood Hotels   

  • Hilton Hotels   

  • Adidas   

  • Forever 21    

  • Harrods  

  • Nordstrom    

  • JetBlue    

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods


Call for a no-obligation quote at 800-599-8119.   

Enrich Strategies … The Ultimate Customer Experience!

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