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Couple shopping in store with tools on wall listening to overhead music and messages advertising


Studies show that the right choice of overhead music can create a pleasing environment in your store.  The more enjoyable the environment, the longer customers want to stay in the store…and the longer they stay in the store, the more they buy. 


You get the picture.

While they’re in your store, why not tell your captive audience about:

  • A new product

  • An upcoming event

  • Extended hours

  • Special promotions

  • Incentives to increase the average ticket

  • Employee recruiting

Storecasting by Enrich Strategies blends marketing messages with music appropriate for your demographic.  The marketing messages can be adjusted to play anytime you want, whether it’s between every fifth song, every 30 minutes, etc.   You can use your licensed music source or we can provide a turnkey solution with our major-label music.  We handle everything so you don’t have to, including updating the messages.

Many of the big brands are doing it…just listen the next time you go into a large store…and they have been doing it for years. 



Because it increases the average ticket by selling more to existing customers.

Storecasting advertising by Enrich Strategies can increase your bottom line!

Call 800-599-8119 to see if Storecasting by Enrich Strategies, Inc. is a good fit for your business!

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