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Branding matters, and that’s true now more than ever before. Whether your point of entry for a prospective customer is on the phone, on the web, at your business site, or on your advertising media … the way you present yourself has a profound impact on the success of your business. After all, many people base their choice on the company they feel is best, not second best.

The company you hire to work on your brand is an important decision.  For nearly 30 years Enrich Strategies has been providing brand enhancement and experience marketing services to our clients…enriching the customer experience so their customers not only return time and again, but purchase other products and services they offer.

Honesty and integrity are key principles we live by. 


Click on one of the services below to learn more or call 800-599-8119 for a free consultation to see how we can help take your business to the next level! 


We offer a full range of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Website Design to drive more traffic to your website and convert leads into customers


by On-Hold Technologies

Customer retention is a critical component in the success or failure of a business.  One way to improve customer retention and create a “stickier” relationship, while increasing revenue, is by selling more to your existing customers. 

The more enjoyable the environment, the longer customers want to stay in the store … and the longer they stay in the store, the more they buy. 

Audio - videos and web pages

Trade show video


Facebook video ads

We blend marketing messages with music appropriate for your demographic.  The marketing messages can be adjusted to play anytime you want, whether it’s between every fifth song, every 30 minutes.

Grab your listeners attention with creative, powerful messages!

We can create professional recordings for any event, whether it be information or entertainment! 

When it comes to enhancing your audio brand, the company you hire is a very important decision.

Enrich Strategies and On-Hold Technologies, the telephone audio branding side of our business, has been producing award-winning message-on-hold productions for nearly 30 years.  In fact, we are one of the most awarded message-on-hold companies worldwide!


You could get something thrown together cheap… the internet is full of companies striving to be the cheapest. The reality…you get what you pay for.  When the price difference between message-on-hold providers is typically only $10-$20 per month, why would you want a bland, boring, cookie-cutter production? Since one of our focuses is marketing results, hiring the cheapest firm that produces “fluff” likely will be the most expensive choice.

We’re Different: 

  • We take a different approach.  We listen to you, our client.  We listen to your goals and develop a comprehensive strategic plan to reach those goals.  We don’t just produce fluff…that’s easy to churn out.  We certainly can, if that’s what you’re looking for, but that’s typically not what our clients hire us for. 


  • We don’t have you fill out a questionnaire.  That puts more work on you.   We review your website and based on our extensive experience in your industry, we ask you questions…all you have to do is answer questions.  Our professional copywriters will develop a script and email it to you for review.  We do all the heavy lifting to save you time!


  • We have over 20 different professional voiceover actors (click here to listen) Why so many?  When callers hear the same voice and music every time they call, they assume they’ve heard the message already and tune it out.  If you have repeat callers, we highly recommend changing the voice and music on every update.  Listen to music here.


  •  We have produced on hold message recordings in many different languages.  In fact, with our extensive contacts around the world, we can create productions in any language!

Who To Trust? 

With all the scams online, how do you know who to trust?  Honesty and integrity are some of our core principles.   Our CEO is Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the Experience Marketing Association (EMA). In fact, he is one of its founders.  The first meeting back in 2001 was in our office in Florida.   


If you don’t choose us, we highly suggest you choose one of the Experience Marketing Association members around the world.  They have been properly vetted and adhere to EMA's strict ethical guidelines.  Look on their site for the EMA logo you’ll find below.


VOIP - Changing your phone service to a hosted VOIP provider?

No problem!  Since we have been in business before most people even knew what the internet was, we have evolved with the times.  As our clients have migrated to hosted VOIP or premise-based VOIP phone systems, we have learned what format the various providers are looking for and whether their service unicasts or multicasts. Don’t know the difference?  Just call and ask which is best for your business.  It makes a significant difference in the overall customer experience.


Multi-Location and National Accounts:


When it comes to large, multi-location clients, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are special challenges that have to be handled properly to provide the best customer experience. Back in the day when cassettes and CDs were mailed to clients, many times an individual site would not get updated by the local employee.  The same is true with USB-loadable players today.  Let’s face it, your employees have so much on their plate that updating the on-hold recording is not high on their priority list.  Now with our IP-based players, we control the process so your staff doesn’t have to do anything!  We update the recording remotely and even adjust the volume to ensure it’s playing at an optimal level.


Don’t Have a Business Phone System?

We can work with most phones purchased from an office superstore or online. Just ask!

person holding cell phone

We have very pleased with our service with On-Hold Technologies since day one.


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